Wearables and Productivity


One painting company in Cherry Hill, NJ is even using wearables to track the productivity of its painters. Last summer, the company piloted the use of wearables to see if the painters were moving too fast or too slow, both being issues that affect productivity by increasing the time to complete painting home. If the painters were moving too quickly, the number of mistakes would go up, resulting in time-consuming touch ups. If the painters moved to slowly, the jobs would not be completed according the the schedule set forth. The company introduced the wearables as a tool to help the painters get into the right rhythm that would result in an increase in productivity. The data collected by the wearables synched automatically through bluetooth when the painters arrived back at the shop, allowing the shift manager to track and benchmark productivity for the crews. The manager estimates that the wearables have decreased unproductivity by at least 20%.

Orange Apps hopes to develop the mobile apps that will enable businesses to collect and report on such data without having to be anywhere near a computer. In the case of this painting company, the majority of the painting crews are nowhere near a computer at all during the day (with the exception of their mobile phones). Give the ubiquity of smartphones, it would only make sense to have such a device collect and report the data collected through the wearables.

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